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Handicap Ramps

September 16th, 2011 ADA

Handicap Ramps are an essential structural piece for businesses seeking to becoming ADA compliant. Whether the ramp is made from wood, asphalt or concrete; it’s main purpose is to allow handicap access to buildings and businesses as well as sidewalks and crosswalks. The way this is accomplished, is by providing a gradual slope (often with a flat resting area depending on height) to allow wheelchairs or persons with disabilities whether temporary or permanent easier access to the businesses main entrance.

3 Brothers Masonry is well versed in the ADA standards for Accessible Design, and will help you complete your handicap ramp project on time and on budget. Handicap ramps aren’t just sloped, they also have specific requirements for the texture, ridges, truncated domes as well as specific ADA markings. Don’t be caught off-guard let us explain the details and prove you need us. We work hand in hand with your architects and staff to ensure your handicapped ramp is designed to thoroughly comply with ADA standards and results in a design both you and your customers are happy with.

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