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Block Wall Construction

Block Wall Construction is one of our specialties here at 3 Brothers Masonry, we have been building quality Masonry Construction for years. Block wall construction is a job for highly skilled and talented masonry workers to complete; we’ve had many instances where we are called in to fix an amateur’s work. With all the costs in consideration, a quality concrete block wall with consistent mortar and tooling will look better, cost less in the long run and be more structurally sound. This gives you peace of mind and exactly what you asked for.

Whether you are looking to add a Wythe (Tier) or Course (Horizontal Row) to your Block Wall Structure(s), we are able to meet the demands of your project. If you are in need of professional block wall layers we offer competitive rates with professional workmanship.

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Concrete Construction

Concrete Construction has been a rapidly growing industry since the technology behind it has been further developed, we can now build multistory buildings out of steel and concrete that would not have been possible a few decades ago. From concrete counter tops, to concrete patios, to concrete flooring we have the tools, experience and resources to complete the job with quality results.

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Masonry Construction

Masonry Construction is one of the most durable forms of construction. Masonry structures are built from individual CMUs laid in special patterns and bound together by mortar. The most common materials for masonry construction are brick, stone, marble, granite, travertine, limestone, concrete block, glass block, stucco, & tile.

While masonry is generally very durable, the quality of the materials, workmanship, and the pattern in which the units are assembled can all significantly affect the durability of the masonry structure.

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Concrete Masonry Unit

Concrete masonry units (CMU) are made from a combination of cementitious materials, aggregate, admixtures, and water. Materials are mixed at the block plant, placed into molds, and vibrated. Very dry mixes are used to permit rapid mold stripping. Concrete masonry units are cured at the block plant to ensure proper hydration of cementitious materials. CMU may include pigments for color variations or integral water repellents.

Concrete masonry units are manufactured in a wide range of sizes and configurations, to be used for masonry veneers and load bearing or reinforced masonry construction. Hollow units for reinforced masonry have a standardized length of 16 inches and a height of either 4 or 8 inches. Through-the-wall thicknesses are manufactured to be 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 inches. Actual CMU sizes are slightly less than the listed nominal sizes to account for a 3/8” mortar joint thickness.

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