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Block Wall Repair

Block Wall Repair is a highly demanded service throughout the country, as the service life of your block wall structure is dependent on the quality of the materials, labor quality, and the maintenance performed during it’s service. 3 Brothers Masonry is experienced with Masonry Repair and will be happy to professionally repair, demolish and/or rebuild your block wall structures.

If you suffered from inferior workmanship before, don’t settle for it again! We’ll fix the mistakes on time and on budget.

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Block Wall Demolition

Block Wall Demolition isn’t just about taking a sledge hammer to your concrete block. It’s a dangerous job and needs proper preparation and experience. 3 Brothers Masonry is qualified and experienced with Masonry Demolition, and we’ll help you decide if your project is on track for a safe demolition. We follow OSHA guidelines to minimize the accidental damage to the surrounding structures during demolition.

3 Brothers Masonry is excited and ready to start working with you on your block wall demolition project. Give us a call and see how competitive our rates are.

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Block Wall Construction

Block Wall Construction is one of our specialties here at 3 Brothers Masonry, we have been building quality Masonry Construction for years. Block wall construction is a job for highly skilled and talented masonry workers to complete; we’ve had many instances where we are called in to fix an amateur’s work. With all the costs in consideration, a quality concrete block wall with consistent mortar and tooling will look better, cost less in the long run and be more structurally sound. This gives you peace of mind and exactly what you asked for.

Whether you are looking to add a Wythe (Tier) or Course (Horizontal Row) to your Block Wall Structure(s), we are able to meet the demands of your project. If you are in need of professional block wall layers we offer competitive rates with professional workmanship.

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